Bedroom Feng Shui

The bedroom is a very important sector in your habitat. This is where in average 8 hours of your time is spent daily, so it is good to make sure everything is properly set up in terms of Feng Shui inside it.
Whether you are single or a couple, the bedroom should be a resting place, endowed with harmonious energies that soothe your soul. The right choice of colors inside your bedroom is determinant in achieving this harmony. Depending on where your bedroom is located (this is specific to one’s habitat), some colors will be more appropriate to match its sector’s element.
These colors should also be chosen according to the Flying Star combination within this sector, to enhance positive energies or control negative ones within. For example, a period 8 house with a South 1 orientation will be afflicted in the South-West sector with the 7-9 combination of flying stars. This combination is controlled using the earth element. If your bedroom is located there, it is good to use earth colors such as yellow, beige or ochre, which will also be appropriate for the South-West sector, associated with the earth element.

Bed position and location
Perhaps the main thing to consider when applying Feng Shui to your bedroom is the bed position. The bed position should take into account the best suited direction and best location within the bedroom.

→ Direction
• If you are single, choose one of your best directions according to your Kua number. If you cannot align the bed according to one of your best directions, then you should choose the least of your inauspicious directions.
• If you are a couple, then things are tricky, but there is always a solution.
- If you are both from the same group (East group: Kua 1,3,4,9; West group: Kua 2,5,6,7,8), then you may choose one of the best directions from your group (East group: North, East, South-East, South; West group: North-West, West, South-West, North-East) and align your bed accordingly. If you have the same Kua number, then you will both benefit equally from the best chosen direction. If your Kua number are different, then the best chosen direction will affect you differently, but still in a beneficial way.
- If you are both from different groups, one of you will necessarily be affected positively and the other negatively, depending on the chosen direction. In this case, a compromise has to be made. If your house is a West group house (i.e. its sitting direction is either North-West, West, South-West or North-East), then choose the bed direction according to an East group direction, especially if the bedroom is located in any of the North-West, West, South-West or Nortg-East sectors. This will re-balance the luck of the partner belonging to the East group.
If your house is a East group house, you just need to apply the reciprocal reasoning.

→ Location
Whether you are single or a couple, the bed position should be considered as follows:
• NEVER place your bed directly opposite to the bedroom entrance door.
• NEVER place the bed under roof beams or chandeliers. This is negative Chi that will affect you while sleeping. If you can not change the bed location, then create over the bed a canopy made of fabric.
• Avoid placing the head of the bed on the same wall as the bedroom entrance door, bathroom or kitchen.
• Avoid placing your bed directly underneath a window. Use a bed with a solid headboard. You need support while sleeping.
• Preferably place your bed in the opposite corner from the bedroom entrance door.

These are the general guidelines along which your bed position should be chosen. It is often complicated to find both the best suitable position and direction for the bed. You have to determine the best solution within all these suggested parameters!

When the bed position and direction have been carefully determined, there are still some extras things you should consider for your bedroom:
• If you are a couple, avoid mirrors in the bedroom.
• Do not put flowers or any water feature in the bedroom. These are too yang for the bedroom.
• If the bedroom has sunlight, place facetted glass balls underneath the windows to produce light rainbows all around. This will produce a good Chi inside the bedroom.

Remember that your bedroom is a resting place where the atmosphere should promote well being and allow to replenish your energy. Excess of yang energy is not advised…